What's new in CreateStudio this May?


Text Effects

We've just released a new way of animating text, using "Text effects". You can apply a typewriter, number counter or random character effect. We will be adding loads of other text effects in the coming months.


Right-to-Left Text

We now support Arabic languages, that are format from right-to-left. Check out this knowledge-base article for a quick tutorial.


4-5x Faster Rendering

We've made a big update to our rendering engine and the way we render videos to speed up video exports by 4-5x. 


Export Transparent MOV'S

You can now export videos with transparent alpha channels. Export your videos in either MOV or WEBM formats to retain the transparent alpha channel.
Note: Make sure you don't have a background image/video or shape if you'd like to export with transparency.


Icon Pack

We've also added in 100 custom made flat icons in the same style of the supreme characters. 

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