Creating your own stunning animated videos can seem like a totally challenging task, and for beginners, animating videos might sound like something they can just give up on right now. 

But what was once only possible for animation experts has now become easily accessible for everyone thanks to CreateStudio!

In this post, you're going to discover exactly how you can create animations inside CreateStudio, both the easy way and the more advanced way!

So, how do you animate in CreateStudio?

In CreateStudio, we have two ways to make animations. One is with our motion presets, and the other is by creating custom animations. And if you have 10 minutes to spare, you can learn to do both! 

Creating Animations with Motion Presets

Watch Josh, CEO of CreateStudio, as he takes you on a 2-minute animation adventure. Learn how you can easily and quickly make animations with our library of unique and incredible animation presets with his tutorial. 

Creating Custom Animations

If you cannot find the right animation preset to use in our animation library, then you might want to try creating your own animations from scratch. Allow Josh, to once again, show you how incredible and unbelievably easy it is to create your own animations with CreateStudio with his 5-minute tutorial.

Were those tutorials quick or what?

But making animated videos with CreateStudio doesn’t end there! Check out the following mini tutorials that you can try out yourself today!

#1 - Looping Animations

The idea behind a looping animation is to make an object to repeat seamlessly and by seamlessly, one where you can't tell where the end and the beginning are. Looping animations are also perfect for GIF lovers. 

Ready to learn more? Watch the tutorial below!

#2 - Animating SVGs

If you haven't heard of it before, SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. And if you have used the shape tools inside CreateStudio, then you’ve most probably already used an SVG file before. Now the challenge is to animate those simple shapes to create an incredible video. 

Ready to bump up your skills? Check out this tutorial! 

#3 - Creating a Circle Animation

Have you ever wondered about those looping circles going in and out when some videos are loading? Or perhaps you’ve seen a GIF that takes you in a trance-like state with its mesmerising circles. Chances are, you’ve seen a circle animation before, and today, we challenge you to create your own! 

Watch the tutorial below and create your own circle animation in as little as 5 minutes!

Have you tried any of these animation techniques with CreateStudio? We’d love to see your work! Join our Facebook Group and share your fantastic animated videos! 

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