It’s a well-known fact that our brains crave storytelling. Hence a video that tells a good story or presents content in a very appealing way, can effectively capture the attention of your target viewers or customers.

And in the online world, attention is everything! Especially when most of us have the attention span of a 2 year old, with all the exciting things that pop up in our browsers.

In this post we want to focus on our top 5 attention grabbing video types, you can create inside CreateStudio, to increase the effectiveness of your video marketing.


Create a Stomp Video

They're catchy, fresh, and most importantly, they're easy to make with CreateStudio.

Loads of top brands now use stomp styled videos in their advertising campaigns as teaser videos for a new product launch or update, video ad to quickly create curiosity around your offer or as a brand video to help increase brand awareness.

Learn how to make your ads, products, or services stand out by creating a stomp video that will surely capture your audience’s attention! We've prepared a simple step-by-step mini series you can follow along with below.

Watch our Stomp Teaser Tutorial series


Create a Character Explainer Video

Character explainer videos are typically used to explain your business' product or service with animated character's.

A lot of businesses use them on their landing pages as VSL's (Video sales letters) as they easily assist you in communicating your marketing message in a visually engaging way. As a matter of fact, when put on websites, character explainer videos are said to have boosted some business's conversion rates by as much as 144%

So if it converts so much, why don’t a lot of businesses use them yet? 

For one, it’s very technical and super expensive to commission an animated character explainer video. In the past we hired a video agency to create one 2 minute character explainer, which cost near $20k!

Instead of the large bill, CreateStudio makes it possible to do it all in a jiffy. With our library of awesome pre-built 3D and 2D character's, icons and backgrounds, making a character explainer video is only a few clicks away, and you don't need to worry about hiring an expensive video agency at all!

Take a look at this character explainer video sample that we have created. While you’re at it, why don’t you give it a try yourself? Watch this video


Create a Square Social Video

Almost everyone is hanging out online on social media. And the best type of video content that gets the most views and shares are "square" sized videos. The reason they get more views, is because a square video (1:1) takes up 78% more real estate in a person’s mobile newsfeed than a regular landscape video (16:9).

So whether you're using Facebook or Instagram to simply make video posts and build up your content strategy, or if you're running video ads, then you definitely need to be creating square social videos.

And what's cool is you can create them in minutes inside CreateStudio. What's even cooler than cool? You can also create animated progress bars that animate for the duration of your video. Find out how to make them in just 5minutes with this tutorial.


Create a custom logo animation

Whatever your business or organisation made be, as long as you have a logo, you can make a cool logo animation to add even more style to your videos. Use a logo animation at the beginning or end of your video, to add a touch of class to your video content and to brand your business as experts. 

Now how can you create your own custom one from scratch, so that it looks unique and no other business has the same one as you? Well that's easy, watch out step by step logo tutorial here

Change up colours, images & use different shapes to make it your own!


Create a custom lower third animation

Lower thirds were mainly used by news channels, but since video has become the mainstream media online, you can use them to quickly brand your videos with your own name, website or even call-to-action. 

They're also a great addition to YouTube content, to add a simple call to action such as; "click the subscribe button" or "don't forget to like this video". With CreateStudio you can easily make your own custom lower third in various styles and animations in just minutes. Got 4 minutes to spare? Watch how to make one here now!

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  • Really these are cool video creation ideas. I already tried the Character Explainer Video. Its fun to do. Awesome software. Looking for more features.