What's new inside CreateStudio


Apply the doodle effect to any element

You can now create entire doodle sketch videos applying the doodle sketch effect to videos, images, text & even characters!


Create custom doodle paths

You can also choose to manually draw paths, for precise doodling.


New Hands

We've also added 7x new doodle hands for more variety with your sketch videos.


New keyboard shortcuts added 

When holding the key "SHIFT" you can drag elements precisely on the x & y axis. Check out all our keyboard shortcuts HERE

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug happening when replacing image
Fixed a bug happening when not moving the out animation, when adding/removing sprite actions 
Fixed a bug causing the preview not to play when using an invisible element as mask
We've improved the up/down scalling features to avoid pixelation of images and videos in the rendered videos

Enjoying CreateStudio? We'd love your review!

Enjoying CreateStudio? We'd love your review!

  • Another GREAT update from CreateStudio! Thanks Josh for showcasing the Doodle feature which is really going to be a unique add for any video.

  • Great improvements. Can’t wait to use some of them. Good Job!

  • Very nice update.

  • When will the new update launch, I cannot find it under Updates or when trying to apply the effect to items.

  • Thanks for continuing to make new features and improving the value of our purchase!