JUNE 9TH, 2020


Where to find the best voiceover 
artists for your videos

When it comes to voiceover's... 

Well, not all of us have the dashing voice of a "Morgan Freeman" from Shaw-shank Redemption. 

Although using a voiceover narration in your video, really improves the level of engagement and ultimately, the effectiveness of your video. 

To illustrate my point, compare the two videos below. One has been made without a voiceover, and the other with a voiceover.

Take a quick watch and see how much of an impact just adding a voiceover can do to the overall engagement of your videos.



See the difference?

I think you'd agree, the video with the narration, communicates your message 10x better, than just a standard video without a narration.

Not only does it make your message much clearer, but it also helps to keep your viewers engaged to the content in your video.

So now you're probably wondering, "Where should I find a great voiceover narrator?"

Well, I'm glad you finally asked! 

Here's some of the best sites we've personally used for voiceovers in our videos!

Our top 3 voiceover marketplaces

#1 - Fiverr

Fiverr is the most affordable platform and overall is probably the best place to get your voiceovers. 

You can browse through different artists, accents and languages and preview their voices and previous recordings to ensure the voice fits your criteria.

Here you can get the best prices and even negotiate a price with the freelancer by sending a personal message.

So if you've never hired a voiceover artist before, this is our #1 recommended site for high quality voiceovers at the lowest price.

#2 - Voicebunny
Premium selection, more expensive

Unlike Fiverr, Voicebunny is a platform that solely focuses on voiceover narrations.

Here you'll find a premium experience and selection of professional voiceover artists that often work with the biggest brands. You can filter through artists based on location, gender and accents.

This platform is usually more expensive than fiverr, but often offers a wider selection of premium voiceover specialists that may fit the tone you're going after.

Sidenote, the voiceover artist we used in the above video was from Voicebunny.

So if you have a bigger budget for your videos, or can't quite find what you're looking for on Fiverr.com, then have a browse through voicebunny!

#3 - Upwork

We use Upwork alot for outsourcing certain tasks. Although we haven't used it for voiceover's it's certainly a great site for finding quality freelancers.

It works a little differently than both voicebunny and fiverr, as you don't need to necessary do the work searching for an artist, instead you simply create a job post and freelancers will then apply, often with a cover letter and samples of their work.

Once you find someone that matches your desired voice, simply hire them for the task and communicate your specific requirements over the upwork messaging component.

Creator's Tip

When working with freelancer's, make sure to provide clear instructions from the start, to ensure the work is done efficiently.

In Conclusion

When creating explainer videos, we highly recommend you use a professional voiceover. Especially if you are using the explainer video as a sales video, as you want to maximise conversions.

One other key point to consider, is the duration of your video. Voiceover's are usually priced based upon the amount of words in your script. So if you're on a tight budget, or just want to make a quick test, try a short script for starters.

Srecko Olujic

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