Introducing our all new Doodle text creator


Type your text

Simply add a new text layer, type in your text, use any font or colour. *Make sure to then click on the rotation point and set it to the top left corner for the best result.


Choose a hand

Choose from 3D, 2D & real hands to doodle the letters for you! You can also adjust the size of the hands and it will automatically write the text for you!


Image & Video Filters

In the advanced settings panel you can now adjust the brightness & contrast as well as apply filters to your media to quickly adjust he appearance!

Enjoying CreateStudio? We'd love your review!

Enjoying CreateStudio? We'd love your review!

  • O my gosh Josh, this is AMAZING!!!! ‘ve Been away for a while, but can’t wait to get started again!!! Loving all of it, thanks so much for adding the doodling-update

    • Yay glad you like it as much as we do Odylle 😉

  • How did you guys animate the line using the doodle style at 00:13(13th sec) in the video?

    • That was made using a hand image (png) and creating custom position animations for the hand. Then the line was animated using a mask and animating the scale of the mask.

  • Hi
    I didn’t get this update yet…

  • Hi, I am Thew. =) May I know that where will be the feature Doodle text creator released? Is it available now? Because I can’t find it in my current Create Studio. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks.